Hospital Inventory Management

Hospitals and surgery centers face significant cost pressure when it comes to maintaining materials and supplies. Today’s manual, error prone systems make it difficult to track who took what out and when, raising significant regulatory concerns for hospital staff that is arleady stretched thin.

Challenges include:

  • inventory shrinkage
  • security issues around high value materials and controlled substances
  • write offs due to temperature variance or expired products
  • lack of regulatory controls

Benefits of RFID for Hospital Inventory Management

Our hospital inventory management solution gives you a reliable, cost-effective way to manage your high-value medical and surgical inventory. With Terso, you can:

  • Ensure patient safety by always having the right products on hand for every case
  • Automatically pull expired or recalled products out of inventory
  • Reduce waste, trim unnecessary backstock, and know when to make bulk purchases
  • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes
  • Remotely monitor temperature 24/7

Safer, better patient care—and controlled costs. Now that’s smart.

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