RFID Stockroom Inventory Management

Managing a busy medical or research Stockroom is no easy task. Accurately tracking who took what and when in a 24/7 environment is a major challenge. From charge capture and maintaining accurate inventory records, to PAR levels and reordering, Stockrooms present major challenges, including:

  • inventory shrinkage
  • inaccurate charge capture
  • inefficient PAR level management and reordering processes
  • inefficient manual sign out and reconciliation processes
  • lack of security and regulatory controls

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Benefits of RFID for Stockroom Inventory Management

We understand that science doesn’t just work from 9-5. Our Stockroom Inventory Management solution, Smart Stockroom, is an efficient, 24/7 system for managing medical and research inventory. With Terso’s room based RFID solution, you can:

  • Allow authorized users to access products anytime without manual signout
  • Manage product inventory in real-time-no more surprise outages or expensive, last-minute orders
  • Streamline the purchasing and reordering process
  • Easily integrate data with ERP systems and databases

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