RFID: The End of the Waiting Room Era

Posted on: 10/10/2016
A friend of mine recently took a family member to the emergency room for treatment. Fortunately things turned out OK, but my friend’s account of his trip to the ER reminded me of the true potential for RFID and other enhanced technologies when it comes to healthcare. My friend’s experience seems all too typical of today’s healthcare experience — starting with a long wait in ...

Opportunities for RFID in the healthcare industry

Posted on: 10/07/2016
-Joe Pleshek JoePleshek I continue to marvel at the new use cases and rapid adoption of RFID technology within the healthcare and medical supplies sector. As I do, I realize that healthcare executives owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the retail leaders who paved the way for RFID to become ubiquitous in that sector.

Reducing Waste in Healthcare with RFID

Posted on: 10/07/2016
-Joe Pleshek Remember the Occupy Wall Street movement that swept across the U.S. in 2011? The idea behind this was to highlight earnings inequities between the highest paid one percent of Americans and the other 99 percent of American workers. After a viral start, the movement faded, although there are still sporadic rallies around the country.

Terso Solutions partners with Helmer Scientific to offer new, larger RFID Refrigerator

Posted on: 10/07/2016
Partnership integrates Terso’s patented RFID solutions with Helmer’s industry leading Medical and Laboratory Refrigeration products. TSO74_Side Madison, WI, March 4, 2014 – Terso Solutions, Inc. and Helmer Scientific have partnered to offer fully automated tracking of high value refrigerated inventory including pharmaceuticals, reagents, and medical devices. Terso’s patented RFID technology has been integrated into Helmer’s industry leading 20 cubic foot medical-grade refrigerators. “Helmer Scientific is a proven leader in the healthcare and life science ...

The sky is the limit with RFID & healthcare

Posted on: 10/07/2016
-Joe Pleshek As RFID becomes entrenched in the retail industry, you can start see a pattern of how the technology is enabling monumental changes throughout retailing. By improving inventory accuracy levels from a clearly unacceptable range of 65 to 67 percent to 99 percent or better, retailers are able to reduce costly out-of-stocks by keeping more products on the store shelves when customers ...

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