Straumann Partners with Terso Solutions, Inc.

Posted on: 10/20/2016
February 5, 2015 Madison, WI – Terso Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of automated inventory management solutions for healthcare and life science, today announced that Straumann (SIX: STMN) has partnered with them for a fully automated, on-site consignment inventory program for dental implant products. Straumann chose Terso Solutions, Inc. because of their ....

Terso Solutions Named One of the Best Companies to Work for in Dane County

Posted on: 10/10/2016
Terso Solutions: Taking Inventory When you’re operating in the competitive technology sector and you must find the skill sets you need, it helps to operate in the growing technology cluster that Madison is working to develop. And when you offer a long-overdue solution to a problem that has bedeviled an industry under duress, the workforce development stakes are high. Joe Pleshek, president and CEO of Terso Solutions, runs such ...

RFID Can Deliver Tremendous Savings to Healthcare

Posted on: 10/10/2016
Recent research from IDTechEx predicts that RFID will represent a $23 billion industry by 2020. Indeed, there is no doubt that RFID is a rapidly growing technology with an ever-shortening ROI timetable. In this column, however, I’m more focused on the tremendous savings that RFID can deliver to the healthcare and medical sectors. A little research over at the RFID 24-7 website reveals a number of use cases that, some day, could possibly yield billions in savings for the healthcare and medical sectors.

Benefits of RFID for Implantable Medical Devices

Posted on: 10/10/2016
I recently read the results of a new technology survey of logistics executives who work in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Just over 20 percent of the survey respondents indicated that RFID technology returned the poorest return of any technology investments within their supply chain. I thought that RFID was mature enough now for the value to be seen by mangers in all industries, ...

RFID: A cure for CDC’s woes

Posted on: 10/10/2016
When news broke early this summer about the anthrax scare at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, I couldn’t help but think of how RFID technology could have possibly played a role in preventing the entire incident. According to published reports, several dozen CDC researchers were likely exposed to anthrax when researchers ...

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