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Your lab probably manages a repository of reagents, vaccines, blood products, and many other scientific materials. With little space in research labs, plus the manual task of tracking who took what products and when are both major challenges. This leads to security issues around high-value materials and controlled substances, meaning researchers and scientists spend more time manually tracking inventory than doing the job they were meant to do.

But that's all changing. Terso Solutions provides a simplified process that gives you peace of mind. We provide the most advanced, cost efficient way to overcome the challenges of inventory management. Our RAIN RFID solutions are perfect for use in laboratories, research facilities, core supply rooms, universities, and hospital implant rooms. Specific applications include:

  • Smart Stockroom
  • Chemical Tracking
  • Onsite Stocking
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Cold Storage
  • Walk-in Coolers

The Right Technology, for the Right Inventory

With automated inventory management solutions you can track and monitor high value products around the clock.

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