Terso's inventory management software platform, Stratosphere, dashboard view



Terso’s inventory management software platform that enables the visualization of the data Terso’s RFID devices provide.


Stratosphere's newest features
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Temperature reporting
  • PAR levels
  • Kanban inventory management
  • Case management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reporting
  • Smartphone access
  • Easy integration

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What You'll See
Compact International RFID Refrigerator

Product Highlights

  • Prevent stock-outs, monitor product expiry
  • Protect critical inventory through secure access
  • Provide regulatory compliance
  • Integrate with external temperature monitoring systems

What you'll see
RFID Mobile Case

Enable traceable product when you need it and simplify rep-to-rep transfers with the RFID Mobile Case.

Product Highlights

  • Map product locations and historical movement
  • Track field-inventory in real-time
  • Monitor temperature
  • Real-time power, product capture notifications

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