Champion Healthcare Technologies, a technology company dedicated to optimizing tissue and implant management workflows, installed their 100th RFID unit. Champion has collaborated with Terso Solutions to provide RFID solutions to hospitals for optimizing their tissue and implant management workflows since 2012.

“Our partnership with Champion Healthcare Technologies allows hospital end users to provide better patient care while eliminating non-value added burdens such as manual inventory counting and recall management. Champion has an in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape and what it takes to provide exceptional workflow solutions to hospitals,” says Joe Pleshek, President & CEO of Terso Solutions.

Champion Healthcare Technologies helps hospitals with:

  • Hospital System Integration
  • Expiration Date Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Barcode Scanning & Lablels
  • Regulatory Compliance

Congratulations to Champion Healthcare Technologies on their 100th install!


About Champion Healthcare Technologies

Champion Healthcare Technologies is a technology company that is dedicated to preserving the integrity of healthcare. Our solutions are specifically designed to provide oversight and insight into workflows and systems utilized by hospitals. Our big-picture goal is to identify and remove obstacles that adversely impact the effectiveness of healthcare providers. We’re not in the business of telling providers how to do their jobs. Rather, we want to empower healthcare providers to care for their patients to the best of their ability. For more information on Champion, visit