Terso is celebrating its twelve year anniversary this month! What better way to commemorate twelve wonderful years than to reflect on twelve of our most notable achievements.

1. Our workforce has grown to 48 employees. Since the beginning, we have hired great people and we pride ourselves on providing a great environment in which they can succeed. At Terso, we believe that Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

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2. Terso now holds twenty two patents around RFID enabled cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers. In March of 2017, Terso received our most recent patent, "Radio Frequency Identification System" for Jetstream, our RFID cloud platform.

3. Our Terso products have been implemented in over 1,700 locations worldwide. Each of our implementations have involved creating solutions to solve unique problems, and providing technical expertise and integration support to our clients. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that each of these implementations meet the important goals our customers have set for their businesses.

4. In 2010, Terso opened the GmbH office in Mannheim, Germany. We also hired our first European Account Executive in December of 2016. These were two pivotal accomplishments for Terso, solidifying our identity as a global market leader.

5. We are determined to provide uncompromising technical leadership, customer service, and workplace satisfaction.  In recognition, we’ve achieved some of the highest technical certifications and industry awards. In the last twelve years, Terso has won seven different industry awards, including “20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Providers” by CIO Review; Dane County Small Businesses of the Year award winner; Frost & Sullivan’s “Best Practices” award; and InBusiness magazine's "Best Places to Work - Small Business" first place award. 

6. At Terso, we are committed to creating products that help people get back to doing the job they were meant to do – providing exceptional care for patients and developing solutions to better healthcare and life science. By continuously surveying the healthcare and life science industries, visiting hospitals and research labs, and engaging in critical conversations, Terso has put together a robust portfolio of 12 RAIN RFID-enabled solutions that improve workflows, increase revenue, and improve care quality. Solutions such as our RFID-enabled enclosures and mobile case help our partners to meet critical needs like compliance regulations and safety guidelines, as well as decrease waste and time spent manually managing inventory. We are excited to continue to grow this product portfolio with many more exciting solutions in the works! 

7. Terso strives to be an industry leader and part of this mission includes educating others about the benefits of RFID and IoT solutions for inventory management. Terso has published more than 10 industry resources, including white papers, case studies, webinars, and an Industry Vision to promote the benefits of a smart inventory management system. 

8. Terso and Promega employees have participated in two Panel Builds with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, and our third annual build is right around the corner!  


9. Terso is now a RAIN RFID Alliance member, a Laboratory Products Association member, and a GS1 UK Industry Partner. Earning these professional affiliations ensures that we stay current with trends in the industry, build relationships with others in our industry, can respond quickly to new regulations, and can contribute our expertise to better the industry.

10. At Terso, the commitment & accomplishments of our team are second to none. We have had the honor and privilege of celebrating the 10 year anniversaries of seven of our Terso liberating heroes.

11. Terso has participated in over ten invited speaking engagements to share about how RFID solutions can enable healthcare and life science organizations to better manage their supply chains. 


12. Terso has been voted a “Best Company to Work For” two times by InBusiness Magazine. This has been in part because we believe it’s important to provide exceptional benefits and one-on-one professional development. As we grow, it’s all about finding and retaining good talent that wants to be part of a growth organization.

There you have it! I am continually amazed at the success and dedication of Terso staff. Because of such an amazing team and our fantastic partners, Terso has thrived for the past twelve years, and I only see more exciting successes for our future.

undefined  Joe Pleshek

  Terso Solutions President & CEO