At Terso we continue to see strong interest and adoption of the Internet of “Healthcare” Things (IoHT). From technologies with deployments and projects being planned across the value chain, these IoHT technologies provide real-time visibility and situational awareness for valuable assets (patients, clinicians, medical equipment and consumables). This new intelligence is key to enabling the Real Time Healthcare System (RTHS).

As a reminder, RTHS is a next generation operational, management and IT framework that leverages digital technologies to transform into operationally intelligent enterprises that provide patient care at a lower cost with improved patient satisfaction. The RTHS model is surfacing across many business processes including inventory management between healthcare providers, distributors and medical device manufacturers.

To date supply chain and materials management professionals have been underserved by technology, leaving them forced to react to customer demand, versus finding a proactive approach. However, as the saying goes “the times, they are a changing.” We are now seeing a plethora of new IoHT technology innovations in the market, specifically being used to manage critical assets in the healthcare supply chain.

Given these exciting technology developments the time to start planning for the adoption of IoHT technologies is now. To start this discussion in your organization you may consider:
• Educating the major stakeholders in your organization about the major technology breakthroughs that will enable “proactive” inventory management.
• Building specific “value cases” to test the potential business benefits from deploying these new technologies.
• Using the data from these value cases to develop and continuously refine your roadmap to improved inventory management processes.

To download Terso’s white paper “Improving Operations and the Delivery of Care Through the Real Time Healthcare System” please visit our resources page or view our webinar on the real-time healthcare system.