Froedtert Hospital was experiencing a pain point that many hospitals are familiar with–the tracking and overall management of tissue and implant inventory. They had limited inventory visibility and difficulty identifying expired or recalled product stored at the hospital. Manual tracking methods became extremely challenging to meet regulations and manually documenting tissue usage, among other important information, led to high labor costs and human documentation errors.


Download the case study to find out how working with TrackCore, Inc.’s tissue and implant tracking software, TrackCore Operating Room, helped Froedtert automate they way they managed inventory, while also allowing them to easily meet compliance regulations.

ABOUT TrackCore, Inc.

TrackCore, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. TrackCore began with a vision and commitment to improve patient safety surrounding tissues and implants. TrackCore Operating Room was launched in 2006 and is now the industry leading, flagship product of TrackCore, Inc. designed to eliminate the need for arduous manual processes surrounding tissues and implants. TrackCore Operating Room is now in over 425 hospitals nationwide. TrackCore, Inc. continues to invest in its products and has expanded the product offering to include TrackCore Interventional and TrackCore SameDay. TrackCore Interventional is a product designed to control costs and improve patient care through consumable tracking. TrackCore SameDay automates the bill-only process for consigned special-order implants. Visit for more information.