Healthcare Industry Vision: Smart Inventory Management System

Summary: This paper will enable executives in the healthcare sector to begin envisioning, designing and constructing a next generation, smart inventory management system based on real-time healthcare system concepts, principles and goals.

Key Issues:

  • The real-time health system paradigm will be required to address the challenges and opportunities resulting from healthcare reform, encroaching financial realities and new consumer and patient expectations.
  • Most healthcare providers are unprepared to capitalize on the sophisticated situational and operational intelligence surrounding the patient that is now possible.
  • Manual processes remain the status quo, and moving to an automated system must be championed by informed and inspired leadership willing to oversee changes in enterprise operations and culture.
  • Real-time health system principles must be applied to every process within the healthcare value chain. Smart inventory management is an important component of this framework.


Overview: The way in which healthcare is delivered and managed is in the midst of a significant transformation, driven by major financial, societal and industry forces. The industry is moving toward a consumer-centric, value-based care delivery model that seeks to improve care quality and access while lowering costs. This model depends heavily upon digitalization and access to better and more timely information.

Healthcare providers have their hands full these days. A disjointed care delivery system, misaligned incentives, clinician shortages, uber-aging and associated chronic conditions have, among other things, contributed to a fragmented and costly care delivery system that has put the current fee-for-service care model on notice in favor of one based on operational efficiency and improved outcomes and consumer experience...

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Smart Inventory Management System Components