Doctors and administrative staff at West Virginia Healthcare (WVU) take a lot of pride in WVU’s designation as a certified trauma center. The WVU facility in Morgantown has 19 operating rooms on the fifth floor and an additional 10 on the second floor ambulatory unit. With such a large operation, tracking tissue and the medical implants required for surgeries in the OR can be an arduous task accompanied by extremely high labor costs. With this in mind – as well as a goal to stay ahead of The Joint Commission’s growing UDI requirements being enforced by the Food & Drug Administration WVU, in 2013, turned to TrackCore integrated with RFID enclosures.

TrackCore Operating Room is a cost-efficient, easy-to-use software product from TrackCore, Inc. designed to manage the full chain of custody of tissues and implants from the loading dock to final disposition.

TrackCore’s intuitive functionality provides for quick and accurate data retrieval, enhancing patient safety while minimizing administrative costs.After deployment of the TrackCore software, an end-to-end Epic integration and RFID enclosures, the WVU medical staff saw immediate results. WVU started its mission by consolidating all of its OR supplies into one centralized location, streamlining processes and removing more than a dozen nurses from the inventory management process for tissue and related OR products.

With the previous process, WVU typically experienced a 3 percent error rate when it came to tracking products that were implanted in patients during procedures. When TrackCore was deployed, the rate quickly dropped to less than 1 percent. In time, the hospital stopped tracking this metric when it fell so low that it became statistically irrelevant to do so. WVU is just one of nearly 375 hospital systems in the U.S.– including many of the top 15 providers — that have deployed TrackCore to streamline inventory operations in the operating room.

TrackCore has the unique ability to track three categories of hospital inventory. The most commonly used module is Tissue Tracker, for biologic and tissue tracking — such as tendons, bone, skin, organs and ligaments.