Banner photo by Roland Halbe

MADISON,WI- January 26, 2020 Terso Solutions has announced the expansion of its business capabilities in Germany (Terso GmbH). This includes the physical relocation and expansion of the Terso GmbH facility, as well as the growth of the GmbH team through the addition of General Manager, Nina Petters.

“This expansion is an investment in Terso’s continued global growth,” said Laura Brandon, Terso’s Director of Manufacturing Operations. “It will give us the space, equipment and resources to continue to scale our business in a sustainable way.”

Terso GmbH was established in 2010 with its 3,300 sq. ft. facility located in Mannheim, Germany. The new facility- located in Walldorf, Germany- provides 15,000 sq. ft. of office and production space and fulfills current energy regulations through eco-friendly qualities such as rooftop solar panels, indoor green spaces, and in-floor heating & cooling systems. All of which allows the GmbH team to continue to meet the demands of Terso’s current partners and enable Terso to create more global partnerships.

“I am looking forward to strengthening our relationships with the customers we have today and expanding our customer base in a way that every customer feels valued and supported,” said Nina Petters, the newly established General Manager of Terso GmbH. “We are striving to create value with and for our customers, equipping them with the resources and technology they need so that their concern isn’t directed at their inventory, but focused on what really matters in their job…whether that’s research or patient care.”

It is also important to Petters, that in her role she maintains and creates a respectful workspace that honors the individual and helps everyone thrive, as she believes “success is always a team initiative.”

“It is inspiring to look at the how far we have come in our tenth year of existence,” said Yvonne Steinhauser, the Accounting, HR & Office Manager of Terso GmbH. “This milestone is our response to the demand and positive signs we are seeing in the industry.”



Photo by Roland Halbe- Terso GmbH in Walldorf, Germany