Frequently Asked Questions

RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification, is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. There are several forms of RFID technology on the market today. The most recognizable include low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF). To learn more about RFID, please visit

Terso utilizes ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, also known as RAIN, which has an extremely long read range compared to both LF and HF. UHF is a great solution when trying to track multiple products at one time. Learn more about this technology and our process here.  

No, however, to ensure that optimal tag read accuracy is met for a Terso device, tag and product evaluation and testing must be performed by Terso prior to your program going live. This process will identify recommended RFID tags and application best practices.

In most cases, no. RFID tags used with our system are meant to be unique and disposable. This mitigates any risk of a tag ID being correlated to two different serialized products.

Terso offers several tag options that have been vetted across many potential use cases. If product evaluation indicates one of these tags does not provide sufficient performance, there are many other tags available that can be evaluated for specific use cases. Customers should ask their sales representative about the various tagging options. 

At a minimum, all devices require a network connection with internet access. Terso offers additional documentation on network requirements, including firewall rules, IP addresses, etc. To receive this information, please contact us. 

Yes, Terso has an open API that allows partners to unlock the door from a mobile device, PC, or other methods if necessary. Consult for more information on the unlock door command. 

If chain of custody, or traceability of users is required, then yes, each user should have their own access pass. However, if the device is in a locked location, there are other devices such as key fobs that can be mounted to the enclosure to be used as a shared access pass. 

There are a variety of accessories available to accommodate different use cases. From product bins with dividers, trays, catheter racks/boxes, risers, and more. Let us know if there is something specific that you need, and we will find the right accessories to pair with your RFID inventory management solution.

One of the great things about Terso’s platform is that you can usually integrate your software of choice directly to Terso’s cloud data platform, Jetstream, using the Jetstream open API. Or, you can integrate your software of choice to our Stratosphere inventory management software using the Stratosphere open API.

Stratosphere has an open API. API documentation is available here.

Jetstream is an open-API, cloud-based platform for managing Terso devices and inventory transactions. Think of Jetstream as the middleware between Terso devices and Stratosphere. In most cases, our customers will choose to integrate to the Stratosphere API but, in some cases, our partners integrate directly to Jetstream via their inventory management software to manage their RFID devices and analyze inventory, all from one integrated platform. We give you the tools you need to build, analyze, and connect your devices through simple programming interfaces. Using Jetstream’s open-source projects and developer tools, our partners can easily manage their inventory around the globe.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a set of functions allowing applications to access the features or data of another service. 

A site qualification is a pre-installation in-person visit completed by a Terso Customer Success Engineer to gather details necessary for successful implementation. During the visit, the Terso representative will walk the path of the device from the point of the delivery dock to the point of installation, as well as meet with key contacts from the site such as facilities, IT, HVAC, procurement, and any other project team members.  During the walkthrough, critical information is gathered regarding delivery and installation, as well details necessary to ensure the site has the appropriate space, power, network ports and firewall settings.  In addition, the Terso representative will seek to understand the overall type and quantity of inventory that will be tagged to ensure appropriate accessories and RFID tags are provided as part of the implementation.  A detailed site qualification report will be provided as a deliverable upon completion. Site qualifications can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the number of devices, departments, and overall complexity.

Terso will coordinate removal of existing Terso placed equipment for replacements and leased units. During installation, our policy is to not remove any equipment not placed by Terso.

The scope of services during installation will be discussed ahead of time and can vary by customer and each unique situation. Generally, the scope will include a combination of:

  • Delivery scheduling, logistics coordination with white glove delivery tailored specifically to your needs
  • Moving devices from receiving to final installation location
  • Completing full installation protocols (validation, testing, accessory configuration, backup system testing)
  • Assistance with product tagging and organization, and related training
  • Confirmation of workflow assumptions
  • Basic device usage and training
  • Preventative maintenance discussion
  • Confirmation of inventory counts within software

Device maintenance information is typically available in the user manuals publicly available on our support website.

In most cases, Terso requires training and/or certification to install Terso RFID hardware. However, in certain circumstances, upon discussion and approval by your Terso Customer Success Manager, devices may be installed with remote support, or non-Terso individuals may be trained or authorized to install Terso RFID Hardware on their own.

Yes, Terso's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Visit this page to learn more.

Yes, remote installation is available in certain circumstances. Please reach out to your customer success manager for any requests.

We offer flexible, competitive pricing models based on our customers’ needs. Please contact us to discuss pricing. Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you have on how our solutions are priced.