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KnowNow: Behind the Brand Promise
As 2020 draws to a close, we reflect on the things we've learned and how the brand promise KnowNow seems more relevant than ever before.
discussing the COVID vaccine and how it will impact the medical supply chain
COVID-19 Vaccine: the Supply Chain Impact
In this year of unknowns, while we await the pending COVID-19 vaccine we're finding that this solution may present a series of unknowns itself. Hear from Promega's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ashley Anderson on the impact this vaccine may have on medical staff, facilities, & the medical supply chain as a whole.
Life in 2020- the Year of Ambiguity
In this installment from Andrea, she expands upon her last blog "Life in the Gray"- how we can embrace the fear of the unknown as individuals and as organizations- with insight into continuing to cope with all the new and unknown that 2020 has brought us.
The Significance of Services
Lindsey Kromm, Terso’s Own Director of Client Services, speaks to her experiences and how that past few months have reaffirmed our beliefs and expanded our thinking in what we and all service teams can do to continue provide support even in unprecedented times.
To Build or Buy an Inventory Management Software
. . .that is the question. Terso's Software Product Manager, Taylor Leick, leverages his expertise to provide insight to help you determine if buying an inventory management software platform is the best solution for your business.