Case Study
InVita Healthcare Technologies: Reston Hospital Implements Automated Inventory
InVita Healthcare Technologies is a technology company that is dedicated to preserving the integrity of healthcare. Reston Hospital, based in Reston, Virginia, struggled with missing tissue grafts and manual inventory management workflows. In addition, the impending UDI regulations put forth by the FDA and Joint Commission posed issues with the way in which inventory was being managed and tracked. Discover their solution through Terso and RAIN RFID technology.
2023 Med Device Trends
2023 Medical Device Industry Trends
In this whitepaper, hear from healthcare and automated inventory management experts to learn more about the solutions medical device manufacturers can adopt to directly address the challenges hospitals are facing.
How medical technology companies must adapt to leverage the growing ASC market
How Medical Technology Companies Must Adapt to Leverage the Growing ASC Market
Explore this whitepaper to learn more about the evolution of the ASC market and what steps need to be taken to keep up.
Terso Solutions explores what the future of inventory management looks like with industry leaders
The Future of Inventory Management and the Tech That Will Drive It
IoT industry leaders discuss how, with the right technology, the future of inventory management will be fully connected and data driven.
How to optimize Surgical Loaner Kits
RFID Inventory Management: National Loaner Kit Optimization
One thing that remains consistent when it comes to surgical loaner kits and that is that they are a part of a complicated system between manufacturer and point of use. In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at the current surgical loaner kit landscape, the inefficiencies that are hindering medical device manufacturers, and magnify the technology that can correct these issues.