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Midsize RFID Cabinet for inventory management in healthcare and life science
Midsize RFID Cabinet

Gain inventory visibility and the same level of configurability as the Large RFID Cabinet, just with a smaller footprint.

Midsize RFID Freezer automatically tracks healthcare inventory
Midsize RFID Freezer

The Midsize Biomedical RFID Freezer allows you to maintain valuable inventory at a temperature range of -25.0 °C to -15.0 °C. Additional features include temperature alerting, secure access & 24/7 inventory visibility.

Midsize RFID Refrigerator for healthcare and life science inventory management
Midsize RFID Refrigerator

The Midsize RFID Refrigerator offers a temperature range of +1.0 °C to +10.0 °C and configuration that’s sure to fit in any space where you’d like to manage inventory.

Countertop RFID Refrigerator for healthcare and life science inventory management
Countertop RFID Refrigerator

The Countertop RFID Refrigerator is here to ensure convenience, security and inventory integrity through a temperature range of +1 °C to +10 °C and easy installation.

Smart refrigerators from Terso Solutions utilize the power of RFID to track inventory automatically.
Undercounter RFID Refrigerator

The Undercounter RFID Refrigerator offers customizable storage space and an operational temperature range of 1°C to 10°C. With 24/7 temperature monitoring and proactive support, you can ensure product integrity and visibility.

Undercounter RFID Freezer

This Compact RFID Freezer packs a punch with an operational temperature range of -25 °C to -15 °C, allowing high-value inventory to be maintained in any area of your space.

The Large RFID Refrigerator offers a lot of space to store products that need to be kept at certain temperatures
Large RFID Refrigerator

The Large RFID Refrigerator allows you to track expiry and ensure product integrity with a temperature range of 2°C to 10°C. Its spacious and configurable design allows you to track a large variety of high-value inventory at once.

The Large Secured Access Cabinet provides secure access for important inventory
Large Secured Access Cabinet

If you are looking to protect inventory without tracking it using UHF RFID, the Large Secured Access Cabinet is the perfect solution for you. Remotely assign access passes to authorized personnel and make sure that the right inventory is in the right hands.

ULT RFID Freezer for maintaining high-value products at extremely low temperatures in healthcare and life science
Ultra Low Temperature RFID Freezer

As a comprehensive inventory management solution, the ULT RFID Freezer allows you to ensure product integrity and visibility, reduce shrinkage, and eliminate manual process with a temperature range of  -86 °C. to -50 °C

The Kanban Security Cabinet allows you to keep PPE stock safe and track when inventory is getting low and needs replenishment
Kanban Security Cabinet

Developed with masks, shields and gloves in mind, the Kanban Security Cabinet secures and tracks inventory that doesn’t require item-level tracking but is critical to the performance of procedures. This allows hospitals to manage who has access to each cabinet and monitor usage remotely from an internet connected device. Preventing stock-outs and ensuring critical inventory doesn’t go missing.

RFID Handheld Reader for inventory management
RFID Handheld Reader

Track hospital stockroom inventory right from the palm of your hand. The RFID Handheld Reader makes locating expired or recalled products in a sea of inventory quick and easy.

RFID Directional Read Point placed in a doorway to read RFID tagged product and provide inventory visibility in healthcare and life science
RFID Read Point

With the RFID Read Point you can freely move RFID tagged products in and out of the space the device is monitoring. It really is as simple as grab & go.

RFID tag reader for use in hospitals, labs & stockrooms to read tags quickly and save time
RFID Tag Reader

Simplify the tag association process and product consumption, while eliminating human error with the RFID Tag Reader.

Secure Countertop Cabinet for inventory management
Countertop RFID Cabinet

The Countertop RFID Cabinet’s small, but powerful design allows you to track inventory in real-time and customize your product layout, all with convenience in mind.

Smart compact cabinets can help track medical inventory using RFID technology
Compact RFID Cabinet

The Compact RFID Cabinet is the perfect space- saving solution for biologics, implants, orthopedic supplies, and so much more.

RFID Mobile case for tracking and tracing field inventory management
RFID Mobile Case

Enable traceable product when you need it and simplify rep-to-rep transfers with the RFID Mobile Case.

Automated inventory management solutions from Terso
Compact International Eco-friendly RFID Freezer

With its compact design and temperature range of -25 oC to -5 oC, the Compact International Eco-friendly RFID Freezer offers versatility in product application and dependability, both economically and environmentally.

Smart devices from Terso Solutions come in ambient or temperature controlled, giving users real-time visibility of inventory
Compact International RFID Refrigerator

The Compact RFID Refrigerator offers 104 L of storage space, a temperature range of +2 °C to +12 °C, and includes open shelves or sliding divider trays. With proactive support and 24/7 temperature tracking, you can ensure product integrity.

RFID Surface Read Point
RFID Surface Read Point

Easily integrate this RFID Read Point into your current workflow for inventory that doesn’t need to be contained to an enclosure.

Large RFID Cabinet

The Large RFID Cabinet offers configurability that enables you to manage high-value inventory for a variety of applications.