Does this sound like you?

Ownership of every project, every task, every thought you must jot down on one of your thousands of sticky notes is something you take pride in. Laser-sharp focus is a thing that comes naturally to you and “carpe diem” is your mantra because you love a good opportunity. You wouldn’t want to work at any place that didn’t value the relationship between you and your fellow colleagues because good work comes from individuals coming together as a team to create amazing energy. Energy that leads to innovation, problem-solving, and solutions for your customers. Through ownership, focus, opportunity, relationship, and energy we come together to provide our customers with the best products, solutions, and customer care.

We strive to be pioneers in RFID technology and provide the perfect inventory management solution for our customers. This requires an incredible team comprised of individuals whose talents are unmatched and who all aim to achieve astounding things.

What we do is important, but who we are is essential.

We are looking to expand our team and if you share these values, we’d love to hear from you. Please view all available opportunities below.

Open position for a warehouse technician at Terso Solutions.
Open position for a warehouse technician at Terso Solutions.
Open Position
Warehouse Technician

Join our organization’s operations team as a warehouse technician and ensure the efficient and strategic receipt, storage, and distribution of materials. With a focus on accuracy, safety, and space optimization, you will contribute to our commitment to delivering high-quality products to our customers while maintaining a well-organized and efficient warehouse environment.