MADISON,WI- July 14, 2020 Terso Solutions has announced the release of its inventory management web application, Stratosphere. While Terso’s RFID devices serve to secure inventory and identify essential inventory information, Stratosphere ensures that data is accessible to end-users in the fields of medical device manufacturing and distribution.

Adding the Stratosphere software platform to its portfolio of offerings allows Terso to streamline its technology deployment process, as well as enable manufacturers or distributors to roll out an end-to-end consignment or vendor managed inventory management solution quickly to replace manual systems and outdated technology.

“We wanted to make deploying an RFID-enabled global inventory management solution as simple as humanly possible,” said Taylor Leick, Terso’s Software Product Manager, “With Terso’s RFID devices, immense experience and services, and now a robust inventory management software platform in Stratosphere, we can work with anyone to develop a solution that will make inventory uncertainty a thing of the past and unlock entirely new business opportunities for our customers.”

The infrastructure of Stratosphere was developed with inventory visibility, security, integrity and ease-of-use at the forefront. Stratosphere ensures accuracy with zero-touch data capture and enables medical device manufacturers or distributors to save time, money, and resources that would otherwise go towards developing their own software platform from scratch.

“Terso has been solving inventory problems for over 14 years and because of that we’ve seen a lot of the common issues,” said Jason Gennaro, Terso’s Software Development Engineer Manager, “We’ve used this experience to inform the design and features of Stratosphere, and we are constantly adding new features to the platform to reflect our customer’s needs and business growth.”

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