Terso Solutions leader in RAIN RFID technology to track high-value inventory.
Terso Solutions leader in RAIN RFID technology to track high-value inventory.
To all the heroes of inventory
Our Story

Our mission is to liberate people in the healthcare and life science markets from the unruly beast of inventory management and frustrations with the status quo. This enables them to know now.

It all started with a simple thought — “what if the technology that allows you to cruise through tolls without stopping or pay at a gas pump without swiping your card could be applied to healthcare and life sciences?” We pictured a world where the important yet stressful task of managing high-value inventory got a bit easier, time with patients got a bit longer, and being able to know now went from dream to reality.

That was 16 years ago, but our dedication to inventory management is stronger than ever. We work with everyone from Medical Device Manufacturers to Independent Software Vendors to scientists at the bench. We know inventory and whether you need cabinets, refrigerators, software, or just a place to start, we can help.

Headquartered in Madison, WI, Terso Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Promega Corporation.


What's important to us

Our Values

When you work with Terso Solutions, you’re working with a team that views themselves as an extension of yours. We pride ourselves in the culture that we’ve cultivated and we know that culture is more than just words on a wall, it’s comprised of every day actions.  What makes us truly unique is that every employee not only knows our core values by heart, they live by them. These values are the foundation for our company. They allow us to create a culture where our people thrive and our customers feel supported.

We actively engage beyond our own jobs to bring value and quality in all we doWe take ownership of our own growth and recognize that we must take active roles in this.

We embrace and seek out opportunities for growth and recognize that every interaction is a chance to listen, discuss, and evolve.

We focus our resourcefulness and creativity to achieve our vision with diverse perspectives and ideas.

We foster strong collaborations by bringing honesty, integrity, and respect to every relationship and celebrate the strength and advantages that arise from our differences.

We leverage our resiliency to bring an infectious and positive energy to our work and know that health, family, and community create balance in our lives.


Better Together

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


At Terso we are at our best when everyone can bring their whole selves to work. 

We are committed to making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) an integral part of our culture and believe that through embracing our diversity of thought, experience, and identity we will drive innovation and excellence in inventory management. 

We will always strive to be better – for our business, for our customers, for each other.


"Still waters run deep. That’s Terso."

Our Milestones

They say history repeats itself. Well, we sure hope so. If history tells us anything about our future, it tells us that we will pave a path of discovery and innovation, of human connection and growth, and of dreaming big.


History of Terso Soluitons, leader in RFID Solutions for tracking inventory in healthcare and life sciences



Partner with Terso Solutions. RAIN RFID technology provider. IoT inventory solutions
Partner with Terso Solutions. RAIN RFID technology provider. IoT inventory solutions
A partnership inspired by innovation
What it means to work with Terso Solutions

The world of RAIN RFID might be uncharted territory for you, but we’ve set up camp here. We know the ins and outs of this technology and we can make managing high-value inventory manageable. From turnkey solutions, to a more customized approach, our team of experts will guide you through implementing this new technology into your workflow, so you can see who took what product and when.