Joe Pleshek

President & CEO

Nathan Pleshek

Senior VP of Business Operations

Jason Rosemurgy

Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

Lindsey Kromm

Director of Customer Success

Matt Tourdot

VP of Product Management

Laura Brandon

Director of Manufacturing Operations

Andrea Barnes

Director, Organizational Development

Keith Hoffman

Director of U.S. Sales

"No matter what the challenge is, we'll try our best to figure out a solution"
Jason Gennaro, Senior Software Development Engineer

Nina Petters

General Manager, GmbH

Scott Bigler

Senior Buyer/ Planner

Dylan Seiter

Customer Success Manager

Mabel Carr

Software Development Engineer III

Sonny Thao

Software Development Engineer II

David Lefkowitz

Senior Director, Market Strategy

Ali Balaban

Technical Support Representative 2, GmbH

Brian George

Senior Hardware Development Engineer

Todd Bonack

Senior Embedded Development Engineer

Carrie Wickstrom

Finance Business Partner, Commercial

Audrey Entwistle

Sales Development Representative

"When you work with Terso Solutions, you’re working with a team that views themselves as an extension of yours"

Katherine Blonde

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Tammi McCarthy

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Jenni Poole

Sales Executive

Jason Gennaro

Manager, Software Development Engineer

Michelle Sanders

Electrical Manufacturing Technician III

Rob Carr

Sales Executive

Tracy Hanson

Finance Business Partner, Operations

Aaron Sprecher

Software Development Engineer II

Jason Markgraf

Sr. Customer Success Manager


Mike Mulhaney

Sales Engineer