Madison, WI – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent (US 7710275) for the Terso RFID Reader Enclosure System offered through Terso Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of Promega Corporation.

The RFID-enabled cabinets, freezers and refrigerators provided by Terso allow automated item-level inventory management and distribution of high-value products used in the healthcare, life sciences and security industries. This new patent covers the development of an RFID Reader Enclosure System that can be affixed to a storage container with antennas in it and can read tagged products stored within the container.  The system has the capability to scan the inventory inside of the container, which can be a cabinet, freezer or refrigerator, and determine inventory information.  It is the fifth U.S. patent granted for the Terso RFID-enabled enclosure technology.

“This patent further solidifies Terso’s RFID enabled Intelligent Enclosure Solution by enabling great flexibility in the types, sizes and combinations of enclosures,” said Joe Pleshek, president and chief executive officer of Terso Solutions.

By providing an apparatus with an enclosure for an RFID Reader to be affixed to the container, the system allows for the RFID reader, along with the wiring between the RFID Reader and an RFID antenna within the container, to be internal rather than externally exposed. The reader enclosure can also include a human-machine interface, including a display screen that displays the inventory status of the container and allows the user to interact with or control the apparatus. Additionally, the RFID Reader is capable of scanning multiple containers allowing for several containers to be connected together and thus creating an expandable inventory management system.

Terso Solutions Inc. is a provider of RFID cabinets, freezers and refrigerators for managing item-level inventory of high-value products directly at the point of use via Internet and secure-access control. Since 2005, Terso has worked with product manufacturers, distributors and end users to enable them to reduce inventory management costs, write-offs due to expiration date management, and to improve their ability to meet regulatory requirements. Terso is a wholly owned subsidiary of Promega Corporation, which develops innovative solutions and technical support for the life sciences industry.