Joe Pleshek, president and CEO of Terso Solutions, is fully aware of the expectations employees have for community engagement, which is why Terso is flexible enough to accommodate different levels and types of engagement. Such contributions, he notes, vary according to your time of life. A young, single worker has more time to get involved with the broader community than parents whose focus naturally turns to their children’s activities until they become empty nesters and can rediscover the joys of broader engagement.

“There is an expectation, increasingly with employees both new and existing, to do more for the community and for families,” Joe Pleshek says. “The key there for individual employees is flexible time. We’re very flexible with our work hours in terms of volunteering at school. A lot of our employees are parents who are taking time off to help out in their children’s schools.”

Pleshek acknowledges that since most of his employee base is salaried, Terso Solutions is in a better position to be flexible as long as the work gets done. “We’re not in the process of counting hours, so it’s more about are you getting the job done? More broadly, we have an expectation as a company that employees are doing things and giving back. We don’t have a specific policy that says we offer eight hour sof PTO and you should use those, it’s more of a flexible approach to encourage people being involved.”

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