MADISON,WI- August 10, 2021 Terso Solutions has announced the deployment of its RAIN Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions in nearly 1,000 U.S. healthcare facilities.

This level of integration within medical centers, VA hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers reflects the continued need for technology that helps streamline operations and provides visibility into supply chains across the healthcare industry. RAIN RFID is a well-established wireless technology that connects billions of items to the Internet of Things, providing visibility and process automation that enables digital transformation.

“Today the lack of inventory visibility and interoperability in the healthcare supply chain is creating inefficiencies, higher costs and compromised patient safety,” said Joe Pleshek, President & CEO of Terso Solutions. “RAIN RFID is automatically providing real-time data to interconnected software systems that are enabling hospitals and medical device manufacturers to proactively ensure that critical supplies are at the right place at the right time and in the right condition.”

Terso works in partnership with Impinj, a RAIN RFID provider and Internet of Things expert, in an effort to meet market demands for improving the supply chain across healthcare.

“From tag testing to product development and implementation, Impinj partners like Terso, deliver proven, integrated, best-in-class solutions to serve their customers,” said Sandy Murti, VP of Global Partner Development at Impinj. “These RAIN RFID solutions deliver accurate and timely visibility into inventory availability and location so that hospitals and healthcare providers can address their most complex supply chain challenges.”

Once primarily driven by financial savings, the demand for supply chain automation in healthcare has been propelled by the need for future resilience.

“Other technologies require user compliance. RAIN RFID solutions enable workflow automation, allowing users to do the job they were hired to do with little or no interaction with the system itself,” said Jason Rosemurgy, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at Terso Solutions. “Because of the efficiencies RAIN RFID creates, its adoption in healthcare will continue its exponential growth.”

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About Impinj

Impinj helps businesses and people analyze, optimize, and innovate by wirelessly connecting billions of everyday things—such as apparel, automobile parts, luggage, and shipments—to the Internet. This Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about these everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things.

About Terso Solutions

Terso Solutions, Inc. is backed by over 16 years of RFID product development and implementation experience. Our product line includes RAIN RFID enabled cabinets, refrigerators, freezers (-80C to -20C), read points, mobile solutions, and rooms. Terso has deployed over 3,500 RAIN RFID-enabled devices worldwide. Headquartered in Madison, WI, Terso Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Promega Corporation.