Revolutionizing Healthcare with RFID
Missed the live event? Don't worry! Check out the webinar recording here.
InVita branded RFID devices.
InVita Q&A Guest Post
In this guest post, get a sneak peek at our partner InVita Healthcare Technologies' Q&A with Terso's own RFID expert, Keith Hoffman.
Things to Consider When Evaluating Tracking Technology
For many providers considering implementing tracking technology such as RFID and barcoding, figuring out where to start is challenging. However, there are core factors to consider that can eliminate noise and make selection easier.
create an efficient ambulatory surgery center with RFID inventory management
Creating an Efficient ASC
Explore the 3 best practices that have emerged from new technology development and market adaptations to ensure cost and time savings.
a hostital analysis and the need for new supply chain solutions
A Hospital Analysis: The Need for New Supply Chain Solutions
In this blog David Lefkowitz, Terso's Director of Market Strategy, shares insights from his conversations with a number of supply chain executives within hospital systems and the urgency for automated solutions that is felt across them.