RFID for Consignment and Vendor Managed Inventory

Managing consignment inventory outside the walls of your organization is a tremendous challenge. You’re dealing with busy end users, who have a lot more on their minds than recording what they removed from cabinets and freezers. And without item level detail, your customers don’t know when to reorder or which consigned product may have passed an expiration date.

This results in:

  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Security issues around high value materials and controlled substances
  • Many individual purchase orders and high freight costs
  • Lack of regulatory controls

RFID Storage Solutions from Terso can automate the entire consignment inventory process, giving you complete visibility outside your four walls, while saving money and improving security. With Terso, you can

  • Stay in regulatory compliance
  • Improve product visibility and reduce shrinkage
  • Eliminate inefficient manual reconciliation in the field
  • Access expiration date and temperature information 24/7
  • Stand out among competitors with a fully branded inventory management solution

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