MADISON, Wisconsin and AUSTIN, Texas — January 17, 2018 — Terso Solutions, Inc., a leading RFID technology provider, and ImplantBase, the leading orthopedic industry software provider, have partnered to deliver an end-to-end, automated inventory management solution using Terso’s RAIN RFID Mobile Case. This partnership will revolutionize the way orthopedic and spinal companies support supply chain processes through an inventory system that is automated, standardized, and efficient for manufacturers, distributors, and sales professionals.

“Our relationship with Terso provides us an opportunity to advance our vision for the medical device industry where field sales reps and manufacturer operations professionals are digitally connected to the entire supply chain anywhere, anytime.” Says Ethan Lauer, CEO of ImplantBase. “This relationship is a critical step in solving the very expensive ‘last-mile logistics’ inventory problem and streamlining communication, greatly increasing accuracy, and eliminating wasted time; we are thrilled to be part of it.”

The RFID Mobile Case from Terso Solutions uses patented UHF RFID technology to automate field inventory management. When a field representative opens the Mobile Case and removes a product, the transaction is recorded in real-time and data is transferred utilizing cellular communication. This system requires no manual tracking, barcodes, or scanners. Sales are instantly recorded, or invoices automatically triggered for various consignment applications. The Mobile Case uses Jetstream®, Terso’s patented API platform that enables rapid scalability of RFID sensors and RFID data integration with business critical software applications.

“As medical device companies search for innovative ways to optimize supply chain processes, a smart inventory system that is automated and delivered in real-time presents the most proactive solution. The combination of automated inventory visibility through RAIN RFID and ImplantBase’s field inventory management software platform offers a compelling value proposition to improve inventory efficiency and reduce costs,” says Joe Pleshek, CEO and President of Terso Solutions.