RFID Cabinets

Terso’s RFID cabinets can be used to control high value products in a wide range of markets, including healthcare, medical device, biotechnology, and security. Terso’s RFID cabinets are the most flexible on the market, allowing you to customize the functionality to handle your specific products, without compromising RFID tag read rates and system functionality. And with complete, remote visibility and secure access, you can rest assured that your product will be taken care of 24/7. Our ambient cabinets are best for use in hospital supply rooms, research labs, surgical centers, dental offices, pharmacies, and medical stockrooms.

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RFID Refrigerators

Terso’s RFID refrigerators provide you with global visibility to your most important inventory. Our secure access system captures and processes each transaction in real-time, so you can rest assured your inventory is continuously monitored without the need for manual processes. Our high-performance refrigerators are designed for medical and scientific applications like storage of reagents, pharmaceuticals, biological materials, tissue, and implantable devices.

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RFID Freezers

Terso’s RFID freezers provide automated inventory management for high-value medical and scientific products. With global inventory visibility, 24/7 monitoring, and options for ultra low temperature storage, our freezers provide you the most effective way to monitor inventory usage in real-time, improve workflows and meet regulatory compliance. Our -20°C and Ultra Low Temp freezers are designed for medical and scientific applications such as storage of reagents, pharmaceuticals, biologics, tissue samples, and implantable devices.

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Mobile RFID

Terso’s newest product offering, the RFID-enabled mobile case, provides an automated solution for tracking field inventory. Eliminate product waste, late Invoice, and insurmountable write-offs. The Terso RFID mobile case allows your field inventory to be visible regardless of its location. The mobile case not only stores inventory, but tracks the cases location and contents in near real-time.

The Terso Handheld device is a smartphone platform that enables organizations to leverage the power and benefits of RFID with flexible development tools and efficient inventory tracking capabilities. With the handheld device, simply read and track inventory up to 25 feet away. This allows you to uniquely track and identify RFID tagged items and provide critical data in real-time.

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Terso’s Smart Stockroom is an efficient 24/7 system for managing medical and research inventory. This room-based solutions allows you to access products anytime without manual signout. All inventory transactions are captured in real-time and automatically associated with the accounts you’ve assigned. All of your high-value items are stored in the Smart Stockroom and carry RFID tags which affords the flexibility to show for critical products at anytime in one centralized locations. This means fewer stock-outs, less waste, improved charge capture, and a much quicker checkout process.

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Jetstream is the RFID cloud platform from Terso Solutions. Jetstream enables our partners and customers to easily build business solutions that work with RFID devices. Through the use of our open API, you can easily add RFID capabilities through simple programming interfaces. Since no one knows your software better than you do, we have developed tools and solutions so that can manage your RFID devices anywhere in the world, all from one integrated platform.

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Integration Services

The problems you are solving are complex, and require unique solutions to best meet your end goals. In addition to supporting your transition to RFID-enabled inventory management systems, Terso is able to provide specialized training and technical expertise around RFID implementation and all of our products. Our integration services team focuses on creating solutions to solve your unique problems, helping you to meet the important goals you’ve set for your business.Our Integration Services team will work with you to develop a detailed plan to drive your projects forward.

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