MADISON, Wisconsin, Tuesday, March 07, 2017– Terso Solutions, Inc., a technology company delivering automated inventory management solutions, announced that they have been granted United States Patent “Radio Frequency Identification System” for the company’s open API cloud platform, Jetstream.

Jetstream is Terso’s IoT platform that enables the easy integration of business solutions with RAIN RFID devices. Jetstream enables rapid scalability of radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors and data with business critical software applications for those in the healthcare and life science fields. Our partners use the Jetstream API platform to manage their RFID devices and analyze inventory data.

“Our goal for Jetstream has always been to create an IoT platform that enables our partners to build business solutions to work with RFID devices through simple programming interfaces. Our partners know their software better than anyone else, so we developed the Jetstream platform on which they can build the best solutions to manage their RFID devices anywhere in the world” says Terso President and CEO Joe Pleshek.

Traditionally, RFID device implementation projects for the enterprise level are highly complex and require major shifts in processes and procedures. As a cloud-based RFID data broker, Jetstream is built on the idea that global RFID implementations should be simple and scalable. The Jetstream API platform allows our partners the ability to simply integrate RFID devices to a chosen software solution or business application.

“This patent further validates the importance and uniqueness of the Jetstream design and infrastructure and shows Terso’s leadership in the RFID and IoT industries. We will continue to enhance the Jetstream platform to help our partners better utilize their RFID devices and access data that is critical in their everyday business processes,” says Mark Bailey, Lead Software Engineer at Terso Solutions.

Example uses for Jetstream are remote RFID systems, mobile RFID systems and local RFID implementations. Terso offers a wide range of solutions with these capabilities, including RFID enclosures, mobile sensors, and Smart Stockroom.