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TrackCore Implements Its 500th Terso RFID-Enabled Enclosure

MADISON, WI- April 19, 2022 – TrackCore has implemented its 500th Terso Solutions smart enclosure. The adoption of this RFID enabled technology continues to accelerate throughout U.S. healthcare systems. A Partnership Built on Data “This milestone shows that our partnership and integrated solutions are addressing critical pain points that hospitals experience with manual tracking processes,”


Embracing RAIN RFID

MADISON,WI- August 10, 2021 – Terso Solutions has announced the deployment of its RAIN Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions in nearly 1,000 U.S. healthcare facilities. This level of integration within medical centers, VA hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers reflects the continued need for technology that helps streamline operations and provides visibility into supply chains across


A New Chapter for Terso GmbH

Banner photo by Roland Halbe MADISON,WI- January 26, 2020 – Terso Solutions has announced the expansion of its business capabilities in Germany (Terso GmbH). This includes the physical relocation and expansion of the Terso GmbH facility, as well as the growth of the GmbH team through the addition of General Manager, Nina Petters. “This expansion


Take Your Inventory to New Heights

MADISON,WI- July 14, 2020 – Terso Solutions has announced the release of its inventory management web application, Stratosphere. While Terso’s RFID devices serve to secure inventory and identify essential inventory information, Stratosphere ensures that data is accessible to end-users in the fields of medical device manufacturing and distribution. Adding the Stratosphere software platform to its


Terso Solutions Partners with MTS

MADISON, WI- June 2, 2020 – Terso Solutions announced today its partnership with Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. (MTS), developer of the inventory management software iTraycer. Together, Terso and MTS will launch an RFID surgical loaner kit tracking solution to enable visibility for manufacturers and hospitals from warehouse to point of use, and everything in between. Visibility


A Note of Gratitude and Thanks

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well. The past several weeks has brought about unfathomable change and many serious challenges to us as individuals, our families, our businesses and our society. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. As we band together to wage war against this invisible


2020 Is the Year to KnowNow

MADISON, WI- January 14, 2020 – Terso Solutions announced today the launch of its new website centering around its redeveloped brand promise- KnowNow. Today, inventory management is manual, costly, time consuming, and fraught with operational issues. KnowNow represents Terso’s promise to change that. “It’s about visibility,” said Joe Pleshek, CEO & President of Terso, “Where


Terso Announces 2020 Tradeshow Participation

MADISON,WI- November 26, 2019 – Terso Solutions, the leading provider of automated inventory management solutions for tracking high-value medical and scientific products in healthcare and life science, announced today it will be exhibiting for the first time at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting, the world’s largest educational-based meeting of orthopedic surgeons


Making Milestones in Healthcare

MADISON,WI- December 10, 2019 – TrackCore, Inc. will implement its 300th Terso Solutions RFID-enabled enclosure before the end of the year. This follows soon after TrackCore’s 200th implementation in Q1 of 2019. Such growth is a result of new customer development as well as repeat installations for hospitals seeking to increase the number of RFID-enabled