Chemicals in a laboratory
Chemicals in a laboratory
Nothing seems to work
The Pain of Chemical Tracking

There’s a lot to consider when ensuring that chemicals are stored safely within your laboratory. If not done properly, major problems could arise. Many times you have so many chemicals spread out among multiple storage areas within your laboratory that it seems nearly impossible to find what you need or to ensure chemical integrity and disposal protocols, and to guarantee the safety of first responders and laboratory staff.  

Some problems you may be facing when trying to track chemicals in your laboratory: 

  • Outdated or incorrect labeling of waste containers 
  • Adhering to regulations for hazardous materials 
  • When to use protective laboratory equipment or when it’s not necessary 
  • Lack of visibility when it comes to your chemical inventory  

You’re not alone when it comes to trying to navigate the dangerous terrain of storing chemicals and creating a chemical inventory system that works. The good news is that we can help.  

Safety First
Automate Your Chemicals

Chemical management is easiest when you have full visibility with one single source of truth, but trying to create that manually is time consuming and impractical. That’s where we come in. With UHF RFID and systems such as our Smart Stockroom, you can outfit your laboratory with cutting-technology, allowing you to have an automated chemical tracking system that allows you to know exactly what you have throughout your space, no matter if it is contained to one room or multiple areas.  

UHF RFID devices and inventory management software allow you to keep track of important information that will make it easy for laboratory staff to know what they have on a daily basis and in a time of emergency. Things like auditing current chemical inventory, disposing properly of hazardous materials, and using chemicals in order of their expiration dates is simplified with UHF RFID devices and a chemical inventory management systemIf you don’t have an inventory management software in place, learn more about Stratosphere, our end-to-end software solution that gives you the ability to regain control of your chemical inventory, so you can get back to the lab work you enjoy.  

Have real-time visibility of: 

  • Name and grade of each chemical printed on label 
  • Chemical hazard of each item in stock so that you can meet the National Fire Protection Association hazard code 
  • Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) registry number
  • Container type 
  • Expiration dates 
  • Hazard classification  
  • Where inventory items are located 

RFID sensors for tracking high value inventory in a laboratory
RFID sensors for tracking high value inventory in a laboratory
RFID Enabled Rooms
Make your lab smart

Every lab has a different way they need to store chemicals and this is why we’ve created devices to transform any room into a smart one. Our RFID cabinets and read points allow you to configure how you want to track chemicals in a way that makes sense for your workflow. We are dedicated to making sure that your new automated chemical management solution works for you and not the other way around. Let’s figure out a configuration that will exceed your expectations. 

How it Works

1 Devices

Whether you’re trying to track a small amount of chemicals or a building’s worth, we have the devices to make it happen. Enclosures such as cabinets, refrigerators, freezers help keep chemicals in one centralized location. If you need to outfit an entire room with RFID, our RFID read points will get the job done. 

2 Software

Devices are only part of the equation when it comes to managing your chemical stock. You need software that can keep up. If you are in need of an inventory management software that can transform the way you track chemicals in your lab, meet Stratosphere. Developed by our in-house software developers and with you in mind, Stratosphere makes real-time inventory visibility viable.

Software for RFID Inventory Management for Medical Device Manufacturers.
3 Support

The only thing that should be confined are your chemicals, not the way you track them. We are out-of-the-box thinkers, which allows us to work with you and develop a more customized approach for tracking inventory. We will do tag testing, set you up with a customer success manager, prep your space for install, and work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth integration of RFID in your lab. It doesn’t stop there. Take a look at all of our services to see what makes us the best in UHF in RFID.  

Terso Solutions will ensure a smooth transition as they move you from outdated inventory systems to state-of-the-art RAIN RFID solutions