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Smart Stockroom allows you to customize you space with RAIN RFID sensors an software
Smart Stockroom allows you to customize you space with RAIN RFID sensors an software
Refine the Process
Manual inventory management is doing you no favors

Managing a busy medical or research stockroom is no easy task. We hear it often from customers that conventional stockrooms are causing a lot of strain on resources. Having to manually capture inventory events, maintain these records, and handle reordering from long lists of manual transactions requires a lot of time and leads to a considerable amount of shrinkage, as staff can easily walk off with any given product due to the busy nature of their jobs. It’s time to make your stockroom smart and let it work for you.

Stock and Walk
A Smarter Way To Manage Your Inventory

The Smart Stockroom solution is an efficient 24/7 modular system for managing medical and research inventory. This room-based, configurable solution allows users to access products any time without manual sign-out. Buyer information is captured in real-time, and automatically associated with the correct account. Making the check-out process seamless for researchers. Plus, all of the data securely integrates with your existing ERP or inventory management systems via our cloud-based platform Jetstream. Don’t have an inventory management platform? Don’t worry, we also have Stratosphere. With three powerful read points that can make any room smart, automating your inventory just got easier.

The benefits are clear

Purchasing and Procurement

  • Manage inventory with one easy to use system
  • Increase product visibility
  • Update inventories in real-time
  • Optimize inventory levels and reduce shrinkage
  • Receive item variance alerting and reporting
  • Ensure product integrity
  • Improve charge capture rates through usage tracking
  • Provide regulatory compliance
  • Automate billing and reorder process
The benefits are clear

Point of Use

  • Save time with easy item check out process–grab,
    scan, go
  • Locate items quickly and stock availability directly
    from the lab bench
  • Monitor expiry of reagents and products
  • Use reports to track inventory consumption
  • Save valuable laboratory space
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and item
Customize your stockroom

Read Points That Can Convert Any Space

Integrate the RFID Handheld Reader into a Smart Stockroom setting
Tracking in Hand
The RFID Handheld Reader's place in the Smart Stockroom

Incorporate the RFID Handheld Reader into the  Smart Stockroom setting for an added solution to help you track & identify inventory. For example, use the RFID Tag Reader to easily associate tags to inventory and the RFID Handheld reader to manage it.

With a read rate of 700+ tags per second, the RFID Handheld Reader makes locating expired or recalled products in a sea of stockroom inventory quick and easy. Simply connect the the reader to its smart phone via Bluetooth, open the app to begin tracking, wave the RFID Handheld Reader in front of the RFID-labeled products and access your inventory information through your existing ERPs and inventory management workflows.

Integrate the RFID Handheld Reader into a Smart Stockroom setting
Chemicals in a laboratory
Chemicals in a laboratory
An intelligent way to track
Chemical Tracking Simplified

A Smart Stockroom configuration is the perfect way to track and have real-time visibility of chemicals within a laboratory setting. Each laboratory is different and has a different workflow, but one thing that is consistent is that there has to be a better way of tracking hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Our UHF RFID devices and inventory management software allows you to customize the way you track chemicals within your lab setting, all while meeting fire codes and keeping your staff and first responders safe.

How we do it

How does Terso help me make the switch to RFID?

1 Devices

Smart stockroom begins with our devices. This RAIN RFID technology allows you to simply remove product from the space and the transaction is recorded in real-time. The encrypted data from the EPC is sent to our open-API software platform, Jetstream.

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Sensors for RFID Inventory Management for Medical Device Manufacturers.
2 Software

This locally installed, full-service software application uses Jetstream to securely send inventory information to the Smart Stockroom platform. Allowing  you to access reports, receive alerts, and know immediately who took what item and when.


Learn more about Jetstream.

Scientist using software to track inventory
3 Support

In a space with so many moving pieces, it’s nice to know you have team to lean on whenever or however you need the help. Our team of experts is available to you at any point during or after the implementation process in many different ways.

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