Hospitals and surgery centers face significant cost pressures on top of growing regulatory concerns. With the help of our partners, Terso Solutions helps to eliminate the manual, error-prone systems that exist today. Making it possible to automatically track and manage your entire inventory of high-value medical products, all while tracking who took what and when. This guarantees a reliable, cost-effective inventory management system that ensures patient safety and reduces waste. Resulting in an Improved workflow through automation.

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Manufacturers and Distributors

Tracking every piece of inventory from point of manufacture to point of care is a tremendous challenge. Terso Solutions offers a complete inventory management system that takes the guess work out of moving your products through the chain of custody. Our RFID technology ensures compliant handling, reduced shrinkage, recall management, and real-time visibility of your entire inventory. This means a simplified process without tedious paperwork or compromised fill rates. Controlled costs with a fully-branded solution means a leaner supply chain.

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Integration Partners

Terso's RFID technology paired with our partner's software offers the smartest solution in complete inventory management. Using an open, cloud-based platform our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing business applications. This gives you the ability to manage inventory in a way that works best for you. Monitor par levels, receive temperature alerts, and manage recalls. With system wide visibility, We give you the tools to best manage your inventory. You choose what works best for you.

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