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People often assume that we sell our products directly to healthcare facilities and although we are in nearly 1,000 of these locations across the U.S., it’s in a more discrete way. Terso Solutions is a B2B company that works with the best of the best when it comes to independent software vendors that specialize in medical inventory management. Take a look at how we help our partners connect to you, the heroes of healthcare, and let’s get you started on your inventory automation journey.

When healthcare is powered by Terso Solutions that means that they have the best in RFID technology

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The prefix “ultra” means “beyond what is ordinary.” When it comes to patient care, we must go beyond what is ordinary.

We have solutions to fit most every inventory need in healthcare. Devices equipped with UHF RFID technology are a great option for not only securing inventory, but also enabling you to see important information about your inventory such as stock levels, expiration dates, location, and more.

Ultra high frequency technology is the fastest growing segment on the RFID market. To date, UHF technology has over 20 billion connected items providing real-time visibility and data to a myriad of everyday items.

  • Gain real-time visibility of inventory
  • Automate inventory tracking and workflows
  • Prevent use of expired or recalled products
  • Meet industry regulations such as FDA, UDI, and JHACO
  • Monitor temperature and inventory alerts remotely
  • Reduce shrinkage and prevent inventory stock-outs
  • Secure access to specified areas or products
  • Improve overall business operations


Did you know?

Thousands of tags can be read automatically by a single device in just a few seconds with greater than 99.9% accuracy.

This level of precision allows hospital staff to spend less time on inventory management and more time on higher priority projects.

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What should you expect when you schedule a demo with one of our RFID experts? A live walk-through in our virtual studio, centered on you and your company’s unique challenges and desired outcomes.


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  • Experience real-time inventory visibility
  • Reduce cost and improve visibility
  • Protect critical inventory through secure access
  • Convert entire rooms to RFID enabled spaces
  • Effectively manage recalled and expired products

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