Loaner kit tracking is simplified with RAIN RFID and Terso Solutions. IoT solutions allow total visibility and ensure patient safety
Loaner kit tracking is simplified with RAIN RFID and Terso Solutions. IoT solutions allow total visibility and ensure patient safety
The right instruments at the right time
Assessing Gaps in Surgical Loaner Kit Tracking

As more complex surgeries are being performed, they require a set of specialized instruments. However, the space required to store such instruments is limited in hospitals. Enter surgical loaner kits. This curated selection of surgical tools allow hospital staff to optimize patient care while minimizing overhead.

The problem is that these loaner kits come with their own unique challenges in different arenas: At the point of manufacturer when kits need replenishment and at the point of use. The truth is, visibility is low at all points within the surgical loaner kit tracking journey, which can lead to painstaking manual intervention at the point of kitting and assembly, when kits need replenishment, and at the point of use.

Point of Replenishment

Trying to keep track of loaner kits out in the field is one thing, but it’s an entirely different beast when these kits return for replenishment. You may have noticed that staff is spending an exorbitant amount of time manually processing kits as they return to your facilities. Lack of visibility of the location of kits, handwritten notes, typing serial numbers in manually, and no analytics to assess gaps in workflow are all things that we have seen and have led to major frustrations for customers branching away from manual processing. RFID for kitting, assembly, and replenishment of surgical loaner kits eliminates the unknown. It gives you full insight to what is returning in your kit, and what needs to be reconciled and replenished within surgical loaners kit. A process that would typically take days or weeks to complete can be reduced to hours with a real-time surgical instrument tracking solution powered by Terso Solutions.

  • Immediately notify your staff when a loaner kit arrives back at your facility
  • Eliminate billing delays through real time usage tracking in the field
  • Locate inventory within your facility
  • Automate kit receiving, billing decontamination, and replenishment.

At the Hospital or ASC

Hospitals and ASCs face many challenges with loaner kits if they don’t arrive with enough time for the hospital to effectively process the kit. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize patient safety because Hospital and ASC staff do not have enough time to inspect, sterilize, and prepare for a procedure. On top of that, instruments in these kits can end up being unaccounted for, which puts vendors in a bind. Having a clear and organized way of managing this high-value inventory is essential to patient safety, regulatory compliance, and will leads to a wider adoption of loaner kits in surgical suites.

  • Capture all transactions at the point of use
  • Provide real time inventory lists for the Hospital or ASC staff
  • Simplify rep to rep transfers
  • Identify actual product location
  • Automate cycle counting

RAIN RFID and Surgical Loaner Kit Tracking

Our UHF RFID devices and software can give you visibility of all loaner kits and their contents, making it easier than ever to establish a clear line of communication and automate the replenishment process of these much needed medical supplies. RFID technology addresses and solves the major critiques of the medical tool tracking system, helping you to streamline the process and provide hospitals the tools they need to impact patients.

How we do it

How does Terso help me make the switch to RFID?

1 Devices

From a completely customizable experience to a turnkey solution, we use RAIN RFID devices to transmit data from the tagged product you’re trying to track to your software.

Get in touch with us to begin your surgical tool tracking journey.

2 Software

All data is transmitted from our devices to our open-API, cloud-based software Jetstream. From Jetstream, the encrypted information is then sent to your software, providing you complete visibility of your inventory.

Learn more about Jetstream

RFID Software for Inventory Management for Medical Device Manufacturers.
3 Support

One of the best things about Terso, besides our amazing devices and software, is our team of experts. We will ensure a successful integration of your new inventory management platform, but it doesn’t stop there. From training and continued development, to 24/7 technical support we’re available to you for anything you may need.

Learn more about our support services

Customer support for RFID Inventory Management for Medical Device Manufacturers.

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