New RFID Mobile Case Debuts at LogiMed; Makes Field Inventory Management Easy

April 14, 2015 – San Diego – The RFID tracking technology that revolutionized medical consignment inventory management in clinical and lab settings is now available to manage field inventory as well. Terso Solutions, Inc. is debuting its new RFID Mobile Case to the industry at LogiMed 2015.

The Terso Solutions RFID Mobile Case solves many long-standing issues with managing field inventory including tracking and loss prevention, lags in invoicing paperwork, prevention of stock outs, expired materials and unnecessary shipping costs. With real-time visibility into the kits in the field, Terso Solutions is providing a way for medical device manufacturers to bring order to the chaos of field inventory management.

The RFID Mobile Case has Terso Solutions’ patented RFID technology integrated into the kit itself. When a field rep opens the case and removes the product, the transaction is recorded in real time. The automated inventory management system requires no manual tracking, no barcodes and no scanners.

“Our customers have been looking for a solution to field inventory management. They wanted to know where each piece in the field was physically located; they wanted to account for sales and decrease loss,” explained Joe Pleshek, President and CEO of Terso Solutions. “Terso’s RFID Mobile Case provides all of that and more. Every piece in the kit, whether added or removed, along with each kit’s location is recorded in real time.”

For field reps this means that sales are instantly recorded, eliminating paperwork lag times. For consignment applications, the RFID Mobile Case can be used to trigger automated invoicing. The automated inventory tracking also eliminates unnecessary shipping costs and facilitates rep-to-rep transfers. Each rep can identify the closest needed device, which may be across town, eliminating a shipment from a distribution center.

Like all of Terso’s RFID products, the RFID Mobile Case uses open RFID standards and the open Jetstream® Cloud API. You are not locked into or limited by closed loop systems and can operate your business your own way. And as with all Terso Solutions RFID innovations, the Mobile Case is backed by 24/7 monitoring and support by a global support team who monitors all kits in the field to ensure that they are functioning properly. Terso will notify customers of any issues that might impact product integrity including temperature and products nearing expiration.